Financial Asset Management Systems Tips For Credit Repair

“Exercise Your Legal Rights, Get Rid of Debt Collectors From Financial Asset Management Systems or Other Companies and Start Repairing Your Credit”

Financial Asset Management Systems

Financial Asset Management System charge offs and collection accounts can prevent you from living the life you deserve. You can get them legally, ethically and legitimately removed by following the advice we offer to you here.

Debt collectors work on commission, so in order for most debt reps to get paid, they have to convince you to pay down a debt, (from Financial Asset Management Systems, or agencies)..

Without good credit, you can’t get good financing, a nice rental property, or even a new job. It has become common practice for employers to run credit reports as part of the process of evaluating potential new hires.

If an employer sees a bad score with collection items or credit judgments, it can reflect very badly on the job applicant.

Unfortunately, most do not know what steps to take.  Most consumers try communicating directly with the collectors, by phone and by mail, but will soon find that they are normally completely unresponsive.

You don’t need to feel trapped, vulnerable, and hopeless.

In retrospect, It seems like that this is exactly how debt collection companies want you to feel. They use tactics like harassment, intimidation, and ruining your credit to try to pressure you into agreeing to a payment plan.

They make it seem like making payments will be the end of your problems, but in reality paying can make things worse.

You can end up locked into a payment structure that forces you to pay enormous amounts of interest on the original balance. Plus, by paying on a debt of questionable age or accuracy, you can harm your chances of disputing that debt and getting it off your record.

Worst of all, paying off a debt in no way guarantees that the debt collector will have it removed from your credit report.

How do you get Financial Asset Management Systems safely and quickly removed from your credit report?


Lexington Law is a well-regarded firm that has been helping people repair their credit and resolve debt issues since 1991. They employ 24 staff attorney and 200 paralegals and agents.

What really impressed me was their track record. In 2011, Lexington Law succeeded in removing over 2 million negative items from their clients’ credit reports.

Here are a few facts about your rights as a consumer, as well as some tactics that your lawyer can use against debt collectors from companies like Financial Asset Management Systems.

You are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

This means that debt collectors are not allowed to harass or abuse you. Harassment may include using obscene language, making threats of personal harm, or calling you before 8 am or after 9 pm.

Also, debt collectors are not allowed to use phone calls as a means of irritating you into submission.

Don’t believe everything your debt collector says. Your debt collector may threaten all kinds of legal action, including having you arrested, seizing your property, garnishing your wages, and suing you.

However, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, it is illegal to make such threats without real intention of following through on them. In many cases, it’s not even possible for the debt collector to take any of the actions I’ve mentioned, because they have no legal ground to stand on in the first place.

financial asset management systems

Lexington law removes debts in financial asset management systems

For example, if the statute of limitations on your debt has run out, you are no longer legally obligated to pay that debt. It is illegal for a debt collector to threaten to sue you for collection of that debt, because the debt collector KNOWS that the case could never come to court.

You are also protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This means that the debt collection agency may not report any false information about you to any third party. This includes the credit bureaus. For example, if you find that the debt collector has reported the same debt multiple times to the same credit bureau, you have case against them.

When you hire a professional credit repair lawyer, such as an attorney from Lexington Law, you can take full advantage of your legal rights.

However, if you attempt to handle things on your own, you will probably get outmaneuvered and tricked by the debt collector’s legal mumbo jumbo.

Lexington Law will take steps like initiating the debt validation process to force the debt collector to PROVE you owe the debt, as well as performing an investigation into the debt collector’s actions and tactics.

Plus, Lexington Law will dispute your debt with all three credit bureaus directly.

Lexington Law has helped thousands of clients just like you get out of trouble and improve their credit.

Why not give Lexington Law a try? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Remember, the debt collectors WANT you to feel frightened, hopeless, and powerless. Don’t let them have their way! Instead of falling victim to intimidation and coercion from debt collectors, follow my example and get legal help today.

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